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2 juin 2009 2 02 /06 /juin /2009 16:43
Next sunday, it could be misty across certain parts of the continent Europe, but for most, it will be a sunny election day, as everyone, who will go to the polls, will be spoilt for choice in every area of the continent. Nevertheless, you will be in need of a strong european constitution, as mist over the eastern areas across Europe ist for certain. However, generally, it is a sunny picture of Europe, even if it is as it is as funny to look out for France and Germany.
There will be a western breeze against the global warming, which will make some coastal countrys a liiiitttle bit on the fresh side, electoraly speaking. The campaign started freshly, indeed, but voter participation will be soon on the rise ! There will be up to 40 per cent voter participation by lunchtime. Sunshine in terms of turnout of voters is expected across England and Spain, even Northern Ireland ! The voter participation will be steadily on the increase and it could be a slightly higher turnout than it was during the last european election. A wind of change is coming from the South and the North, but just a cautionary note to keep in your mind : the anti-european lobbies will be strong, so please, don't go out without your european flag !
As for the winds that shake the barley : perhaps a little bit lighter towards Brussels. But the winds of change will definitely push towards Strasbourg.
As we look through the afternoon, it will be indeed a great deal of change after lunch, but, of course, it will depend on the selection menu and some voters could be faced with a Hobson's choice and prefer to choose abstention... There could be a little bit of mist and low clouds on Brussels in the course of the evening. Thickening clouds heading for Strasbourg as well. Clouds bubbling up inland across France and Italy, but we may assume it should not interrupt the sunshine on the results. Voter participation may reach up to 52 per cent in the end. Even if it may become a little bit cooler through the evening, il could be a cracking evening again. Alas, even more clouds could push across Strasbourg on that night
as well. Voter Participation could drop down to 45 per cent or even lower. However, a cracking day to go back to work on monday across the european continent ! Monday should be pretty pleasant, as if nothing had changed, but there could be a strong wind against Lisbonne, so take care and don't take your umbrella.
Again, it might be a little misty on places like Paris, Berlin and London on monday, but of course, it is a european election and this always brings a possibility of shower with itself.
So, what's on TV next sunday ? any idea ?
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